1. Observations in a Time of Intimacy

Even beside you,
feeling your breath warm my hand,
I long for you.
Morning thickens.
Cicada chatters ceaselessly
but cannot hear himself.

2. The Dry Spell

Whatever moisture is still
in these hills
gathers and rolls
towards the lake
but never fills it
in this unforgiving weather.
No longer submerged, dry boulders
hunch above the lake’s surface,
their backs absorbing the sun.
Thirsty from endless drought,
the shore distances itself.

3. Unseasonable Love Song

You are late afternoon sun
through south facing windows
warming the air
and soaking into the tile floor.
I retain your heat
long after this day ends.

4. Milkweed Bugs

Solo or hitched in twos or threes,
they cross my deck—
freight cars painted red and black
infused with poisonous cargo.
Spurning camouflage,
and enduring heat and exposure,
they thrive alongside
the spreading sunflowers.

5. First Memory

I learned to give thanks
for the splendor of touch,
practicing until it became reflex.
A breeze caresses my arms
and I am weightless white curtains
afloat in an open window.

6. Moon Bounce

No matter where he was,
she spoke, expecting him to hear.
Forever, she whispered to the moon.
The sound bounced off its cratered surface.
He listened for it
on the other side of the world.

7. Out of the Mud

The canal slowed and thickened.
Water shriveled
into thick duckweed porridge,
curled and fetid.
Lizard crawled out of a puddle
onto cracked mud.
But the river flowed with reflection,
undulating sequins and fire,
becoming the face of the sun.