Rabbi Yaakov Lieder was born in Israel and educated in Israel and The United States. He has been involved in education for the past 28 years in a variety of positions in Israel, The United States, and Sydney, Australia, where he currently serves as the director of The Jewish Children's Support Centre.

Apart from his work, Rabbi Lieder is no stranger to children. Rabbi and Mrs. Lieder have been blessed by G‑d with 14 children, ranging from ages 5 to 25, and 5 grandchildren.

Rabbi Lieder says that before he got married he had fourteen theories on bringing up children. Now, he says, he has fourteen children and no theories. This, however, has not prevented him from establishing, in 1995, the Support Centre, whose aim is to give support to families struggling with relationship and child-rearing issues.

"We do not claim to know it all," says Rabbi Lieder. "In fact we are struggling on a day-to-day basis with the challenges of raising a young family. There's a saying that that if you want to double your success rate, double your failure rate. To my mind, however, no experience is a failure, but a lesson we can learn from."

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