We are visiting friends, sleeping at one location but eating the Friday night meal elsewhere. Where do I light my candles, where we’re sleeping or where we’re eating?


Your primary mitzvah is to ensure there be light for Shabbat where needed. If you were to light your candles at your hosts for the Shabbat meal, they would merely be extras, supplements to your hostess’s candles.

Following on from the above, the answer to your question depends on: Is your sleeping accommodation at a home where Shabbat-candles are lit by your host? If yes, then preferably, you should light where you’ll be eating.

But if you’re sleeping in otherwise vacant premises, then you should light your Shabbat candles where you’re sleeping. In this case, you should stay for a little, so as to benefit from the candles before leaving to walk over to your hosts. Alternatively, use long-lasting candles that will still be lit upon your return.

(Alternatively, when saying the blessing upon kindling your Shabbat candles, you should also have in mind the electrical lighting that was switched on for use over Shabbat. Provided that your electric lights were turned on close to Shabbat, neither of the above measures – staying on or using longer candles – are imperative.)