By the Grace of G‑d
28th of Nissan, 5743
Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Hon. R. Boschwitz
U.S. Senator
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Greeting and Blessing:

I have always been impressed—since you have assumed your Senatorial duties—with the dedication and untiring efforts which you have demonstrated in carrying out your most responsible task in general, as well as with your consistent personal involvement in furthering the vital activities of Lubavitch in your State and elsewhere.

I was, therefore, all the more sorry to hear that you have not been up to par health-wise lately. However, you did not allow it to interfere in any way with your vigorous activities.

I hope and pray that this letter will find you in much improved health, as well as in a much improved business situation, both of which are getting better and better.

As we are coming from Pesach, the Season of Our Liberation, may it bring you and yours, in the midst of all our Jewish people, a full measure of liberation from all anxieties and distractions, so as to be able to carry out your ultimate mission in life which, as our Sages express it, is "I was created to serve my Creator” – a service which calls for the utilization of one’s fullest capabilities and opportunities; and may you do this in good health and with joy and gladness of heart.

As I have often emphasized, especially of late, the duty of a Jew in carrying out his mission in life ("I was created to serve my Creator”) includes not only service to our Jewish people, but also service to the society and world at large through the promotion of the eternal truths of morality, justice and common weal. It is for this reason that I have been a strong advocate of instituting a non-denominational prayer* [Rebbe’s handwritten note: in present situation a moment of silence] in the public schools, which I consider most essential in reminding the children every school day that there is a “Seeing Eye and a Hearing Ear,” a Supreme Being to Whom everyone is accountable for one’s actions and behavior. I have also been a strong advocate of granting some form of financial relief to parents who choose to send their children to religious schools, and of Federal aid to such schools, at least to their secular departments. In view of the fact that Pres. Reagan has unequivocally expressed himself in favor of this stand, it should be a further inducement to support it actively, especially as it is gaining a growing number of adherents in the U.S.A.

Looking forward to hearing good news from you in all above, and

With esteem and blessing,