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Yarmulke Stories

Most Valuable Player: Most Valuable Lesson
"Everyone has their mission. No one's mission is more important than the other," states Tamir Goodman. Tamir has found his through his life-long dream: basketball.
My Son’s Badge of Honor
Wearing his kipah in public
There is no mistaking a kipah, especially to a fellow Jew. Whether real or not, I imagined our parents thinking, “Now they’re forcing their newly religious, fanatical ways on their innocent children, having them show their Judaism in public.”
Kipah Debate in France Seen as a Blessing in Disguise
A call for Jews to remove their head-coverings results in unusual support for Jewish practice
Vegas PD Endorses Right to Beard
The Las Vegas Metro Police Department settled for $350,000, and will allow Jewish officer Detective Steve Riback to wear a beard and cover his head.
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