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Yahrzeit 11 Cheshvan: Our Mother Rachel

Jewish Mother's Day
Rachel & the 11th of Cheshvan
The 11th of Cheshvan, the day of passing of our matriarch Rachel, is truly the Jewish Mother's Day...
Rachel: The Epitome of Motherhood
“This was not during the rainy season, when I could claim that it was because of the mud that I did not bring her to Hebron. The roads were dry and good. Still, I buried her alongside the road to Ephrath . . .”
Rachel's Amazing Secret
After all others failed, Rachel successfully persuaded G-d to eventually bring her children back from their exiled lands. What merit did she have which swayed G-d?
Our Matriarch Rachel: The Power of a Mother's Love
A mother is forever; even after leaving this world, the connection and bond remains.
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