The 19th of Kislev marks the liberation of the Alter Rebbe, founder of Chabad, from czarist prison in 1798. What does the Alter Rebbe’s release from prison have to do with your life today in the 21st century?


0:38 – Sicha 1: Yud-Tes Kislev: Old but New Celebration
Progressing from year to year.

7:15 – Sicha 3: Education by Example and Being a Light to the Nations
Two lessons we learn from the Alter Rebbe.

Chalukas HaShas
Taking upon oneself a tractate of Talmud to complete throughout the year.

34:30 – Nigunim:
Nigun Hisvaadus
Simchas Torah Nigun

41:30 – Sicha 5: Two Prayers for World Peace
Two lessons we learn from the Alter Rebbe.

55:10 – Nigunim:
Niggun Hachanah
• Alter Rebbe’s Niggun
• Nye Zhuritzi

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