1. Moshiach Is on Call

Ever since the destruction of the Holy Temple, in every generation there is an individual, a scion of the House of David, who has the potential to be the Moshiach.

2. It’s Basic Judaism

Maimonides enumerates the belief of the coming of Moshiach as one of the 13 principles of faith.

3. Introducing . . . Moshiach!

Elijah the prophet will appear to herald the coming of Moshiach prior to his arrival.

4. Member of the Tribe

Moshiach (or Elijah) will inform every Jew to which of the 12 tribes he or she belongs.

5. Resurrection

In the Messianic era, every Jewish soul will be resurrected in the very body in which he or she lived and died.

6. The One Thing You Need

The Midrash says, “If the Jewish people have no merit other than their yearning for Redemption, they are worthy of being redeemed for that alone!”

7. Ingathering of the Exiles

Every Jew, from all over the world will be brought to the Holy Land and settled in their tribal portion, including the Ten “lost tribes.”

8. ‘Nachas

The last to be resurrected will be the matriarchs and patriarchs, so that upon waking, they will have the nachas of seeing all their children alive and well.

9. The Sun Will Still Rise

The Messianic era will consist of two periods. The first will bring world peace, but the laws of nature will remain The second period begins the miraculous era.

10. One Little Deed

Maimonides writes that we should view the world as being equally balanced with positive and negative deeds. Any one deed can tip the global scale and bring the Redemption.

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