Recognize the physical aspects of the synagogue that can be adapted to be more accessible for people with disabilities. Here we offer low or no-costs solutions to create access to your building.

  1. Provide accessible parking spaces close to the building entrances, making sure that these spaces provide enough room for people who use wheelchairs to exit the vehicle and transfer to a wheelchair.
  2. For every six accessible parking spaces one must be a van accessible space. These must be marked clearly with accessibility signage.
  3. Publicize that the accessible spaces are only for people who have an accessible parking tag and hang it on the mirror of their vehicles or who have a disability license plate. Post on your website, newsletters and handouts.
  4. Use signage to clearly mark accessible entrances. Signs should have the accessibility symbol.
  5. Station greeters at building entrances to open doors and welcome everyone coming in.
  6. If you don’t have a permanent ramp to the building, use a portable ramp when stairs are present.
  7. When the weather is bad, accessible routes are often blocked by snow or ice. Make sure to maintain accessible pathways into and out of the building.

Provided by Matthew Shapiro, 6 Wheels Consulting