How do you reach out to community members to include them in activities at your Chabad House? These are some practical considerations to allow for full inclusion and accessibility for everyone, regardless of their disability.

  1. For all invitations be sure to include people with disabilities by including language that lets them know they can contact you to request an accommodation. The RCII suggests the following text:
    Every Chabad community is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. If you or your family member requires a disability accommodation in order to participate, please contact us.*
    *Include a contact name, phone number and email address. (For events, if you would like to have a due date for people to contact you, please include that).
  2. There is no need to designate accessible seating at your Kiddush or other social events. People who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices can choose where to sit like anyone else.
  3. Keep the aisles free and clear with enough space for people who use wheelchairs to move easily between then.
  4. Allergic reactions can be severe and it’s important to have policies in place and to promote them. Common allergies are to fragrances, food with nuts, wheat, eggs and dairy. Many congregations have a fragrance free policy. For Kiddush and other food events, have alternatives such as gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free foods and mark foods as having nuts or dairy so people are informed.
  5. Provide a quiet space for someone who may experience the need to leave the event for a few minutes.