How do you take your good intentions about inclusion and turn them into actions? Here are some strategies that are practical and effective.

Organize a disability inclusion committee to focus on making your shul or Chabad House more inclusive. Ask lay leaders to lead this committee—and include people with disabilities on the committee.

  • The first task of the inclusion committee is to hold a community meeting to ask people to share what they want. If you would like assistance planning this first meeting, please contact the RCII team.
  • The inclusion committee can help plan the activities for the Inclusion Day or Shabbos of Inclusion and continue to guide your community afterwards. During the Inclusion Day or Shabbos of Inclusion, let people know that the Inclusion Committee is seeking new members. (Inclusion Committees are the best way to engage lay and professional leaders in a long-term inclusion plan).
  • Identify barriers to participation within your community. Examine:
    o Architectural barriers
    o Communication barriers
    o Attitudinal barriers
    Identifying barriers will tell you where your community is at this time and give direction for the inclusion committee to make changes.
  • What does your mission statement say about inclusion? If you have an Inclusion Committee, spend the necessary time to create a mission statement for the community.
  • Promote Inclusion. Every time you advertise an event or program, include an accessibility statement so people know how to contact you to request an accommodation. For example:
    If you or your family member requires a disability accommodation in order to participate, please contact us to make those arrangements. If you or a family member requires a disability accommodation please click here (email address or website). If you or a family member requires a disability accommodation please contact (phone number).
  • Also, include a simple statement on all of your printed materials and website that supports inclusion of people with disabilities. For example:
    Every Chabad community is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.