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Articles by Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz)

The fool of olden times, who could not work out how to handle his bow and arrow, is now bungling with his computer; but all the rest is just as it has ever been.
Is it possible to go back to any period in the past? Is not the very idea of a return self-destructive in its direction?
If man is born innocent, and this is how he grasps the world, why does he not remain so?
The ideal of adulthood exerts a tremendous influence on the life of every human being: from the very beginning - when the child either is forcefully dragged into the adult world or kept completely removed from it - until old age, when one feels like a degenerating creature, going from a state of perfection towards death.
Intrinsically, what concerns us can be reduced to three questions: Why, How, and What For.
What is the relationship between the external manifestation of the human soul and the essence of the soul itself?
The quest for peace in all its forms is quite ancient, as old as mankind itself.
The tremendous power of "everybody" is quite apparent.
The main question that everyone ought to ask on Rosh HaShanah is – what have I done to help reveal G‑d's glory in the world?
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