Coat of Arms of the knighthood of Gd…

Alter Abelson

Our Sages stated that Gd observes the commandments that He gave to Israel. So it is stated in the Talmud:

“Rabbi Avin bar Rav Adasaid in the name of Rabbi Yitzchak, Where do we find that Gd wears Tefillin?It is written Gd has sworn by his right hand, and by the arm of His strength.(Isaiah 62:8) His right handis the Torah, as it is written, At His right hand [was] a fiery law onto them (Deuteronomy XXXIII, 2)”.

As we have seen earlier (see p. 18), the Midrash connects this verse with another verse in the Bible:

“Let his left hand be under my head (Song of Songs II, 6)”.

The Midrash says:

“and on their left hand” refers to the mezuzah.

We find further in the Zoharthat

“Under the throne of the Holy King there are supernal chambers; and in that place of the throne there is fastened a mezuzah to deliver men from executioners of justice...”

And further,

“The place of the door of the supernal House is called mezuzah, which is a necessary part of the house, and from it flee the emissaries of justice and punishment. Correspondingly when on earth a man affixes a mezuzah to his door with the Holy Name inscribed in it, such a man is crowned with the crowns of his Master and no evil speciescome near to the door of his house.”