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About the Year of Hakhel

Video | 1:32
Be a part of this year-long celebration of Jewish unity!
Watch what people are saying about joining together for Jewish unity in the year of Hakhel, and discover how you can be a part of it.
What Is Hakhel?
Hakhel: Then & Today
A hush falls over the mammoth crowd, as the royally bedecked king of Israel ascends on to a platform and reads sections of the holy Torah. The nation is inspired and invigorated...
Hakhel in the Holy Temple
On the long-awaited day, the priests fan out throughout Jerusalem and blow golden bugles to assemble the nation. "A kohen priest without a bugle in his hands, it appears as if he's not a kohen..."
The Year of Hakhel
Audio | 43:27
The Year of Hakhel
Every seven years – following the shemitah year – is a hakhel year; marked in Temple times by the king reading the Torah before all on Sukkot. Discover its significance and relevance today.
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