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2015-2016 Wave of Terror In Israel

What Can I Do for Israel?
Yes, we can make a real difference!
Watching the recent terror attacks and the grave danger to our fellow Jews in Israel, everyone is asking what can be done. Presented are practical things we can all do to help. Yes, we can make a real difference!
7 Things You Can Do for Israel Today
Help by taking an action from this list, and by sharing it with family, friends and colleagues
Gather for the Peace of Jerusalem
Why is it so easy for the destroyers to gather and wreak havoc, and so hard for Jews to gather to pray for the peace of Jerusalem?
Morning in Jerusalem
A young mother shares what keeps her going, despite all the stabbings
Thirteen of the Longest Minutes
I felt, G‑d forbid, like a sitting duck, waiting at a popular intersection for a bus that was taking forever to arrive.
Israel: Where Fear and Faith Collide
Ever since I can remember, I have been a fearful person.
The latest attacks have hit close to home, literally and figuratively.
A Granddaughter of Holocaust Survivors Writes from Jerusalem
Careful? How can you be careful when you have crazy people running after you with knives?
Two Dead, 11 Wounded After Terrorist Opens Fire at Be’er Sheva Bus Station
Mayor calls for calm as attacks and riots persist around the nation
Newlyweds, Recently Arrived in Israel, Describe Jerusalem Bus Station Attack
Young rabbi says the harrowing experience only strengthens their resolve
Arab Mob Torches Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem
Historic Jewish religious site severely damaged in a middle-of-the-night attack
College Students 1,000-Strong Join in Call of Support for Israel
They took to the phones on Monday night to send a message from campuses all over
70-Year-Old Woman Stabbed at Jerusalem Bus Station
Alert bus driver helps her get treatment; follows attempted attack at Damascus Gate
Three Dead, More Than 20 Injured in Shooting and Stabbings Around Israel
Jerusalem and Ra’anana attacks mark deadly escalation of terrorist violence
Four Attacks in Jerusalem Leave a 13-Year-Old Boy Critically Wounded, Others Injured
New attack near city entrance on Monday night; prayers for the injured as violence continues
Chabad in Israel Launches Massive Tefillin Campaign Before Shabbat
Recalling the Rebbe’s directive for a literal ‘call to arms’ in response to a week of terror attacks
Violence Continues in Israel, Along With Calls for Torah Study and Mitzvahs
Three terrorist stabbings by midday; massive tefillin campaign launched prior to Shabbat
Numerous Injuries After Multiple Terror Attacks in Israel
Stabbings in Jerusalem, Kiryat Arba, Tel Aviv and Afula give rise to calls for Torah study and mitzvahs
Two Men Killed, Woman and Baby Injured in Old City Jerusalem Stabbing Attack
Terrorist shot and killed by police; victims from Old City and Beitar Ilit
Thousands at Jerusalem Funeral of Samaria Couple Murdered by Terrorists
With four children in the car, Rabbi Eitam and Na’ama Henkin were shot while driving home from yeshivah event
A Message From Jerusalem
The problem today—as it has been for 2,000 years—is galut, exile. The solution is redemption.
Spiritual Engagement the Focus of Russian Jewish Leaders’ Visit to Israel
Amidst terror, they visit holy sites, discuss economic ties and meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu
Jewish College Students Focus on Israel as They Prep for Annual International Gathering
1,100 students arriving in New York for Chabad on Campus Shabbaton
Delegations Led by U.S. Rabbis Visit Terror Victims in Israel
Accompanied by CTVP staff, they spend time with those wounded in recent attacks and their families
The Incredible Wedding That United Us All
These moments captured the essence of our people--the faith, the hope and the unity.
There Is Hope. Miracles Do Happen
Reflecting on the unique wedding of Chedva and Shmuel, I am comforted.
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