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The Story of Our Secret Matzah Bakery

With Pesach fast approaching, one of our chief tasks was taking charge of the matzah production.
We purchased a large hand powered coffee grinder, essentially a millstone constructed from slabs of iron, and used it to grind the wheat.
Unlike Georgia, summers in Samarkand invariably had no rain at all.
Now that we had such a large amount of certified water-freewheat, it clearly would have been absurd to grind it all with a coffee grinder.
Our first attempts at this were pretty clueless, so before we had mastered the skill, we asked the Bucharian women to fill in for us amateurs. As time elapsed we learned the ropes and our yeshiva boys took over.
It happened more than once that after everyone had checked the utensils and said that they were clean, he would find a tiny scrap of dough which we had all somehow overlooked.

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