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Samarkand, the Height of Chabad

How many Lubavitchers actually lived in Samarkand?
Although the Chabad community in nearby Tashkent was larger, and of a similar composition, it was Samarkand that acquired a special name in Chabad folklore.
In 1946 a new period began in Samarkand, and for those of us who stayed, a far more difficult one, both physically and spiritually.
Hand washing in Jewish law is much more than the astute hygienic measure ordained by the Sages thousands of years ago that it has been recognized as by the world.
The extraordinary devotion of the Chassidim of Samarkand extended far beyond that which was mandated by Jewish law or prevailing Chassidic custom.
His focus on personal character and conduct was insistent, and relentless.
Aside from the natural population growth, a number of locals had been attracted to and joined the Chabad community.

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