In the letter dated 3rd of Cheshvon 5721, we are witness to a wonderful brocha of the Rebbe being fulfilled. Reb Zalmon had asked for a brocha for a member of the Manchester community who was having great difficulty in conceiving a child. The following is the Rebbe’s letter to them during the previous summer in which he gives his brocha and ends with an unprecedented suggestion.

By the Grace of G‑d

19th of Tammuz, 5720

Brooklyn, N.Y.

[July 14, 1960]

Greeting and Blessing:

I received your letter of the 8th of Tammuz, with the enclosures for which you will find receipt herewith.

As requested, I will remember you and your wife in prayer when visiting the holy resting place of my father-in-law of saintly memory, in accord­ance with the contents of your letter.

Needless to say, one must have absolute faith in G‑d, while at the same time providing the channels and vessels in the natural way to receive G‑d's blessings, and the greater the faith in G‑d, the sooner and in a larger measure one sees the fulfillment of G‑d’s blessings.

With regard to the matter of the observance of the laws of Taharas Hamishpocho, and that there are some doctors who suggest that the period of abstention required by these laws might interfere with the period of ovulation, I need hardly say that the ruling of the Rov is, nevertheless, quite binding. Moreover, inasmuch as these laws are part of our Torah, which is called Toras Chaim, being the guide in life, it is impossible that the observance of the Torah, especially such a basic law as Taharas Hamishpocho, should interfere with another law, especially such a basic Mitzvah as procreation, which is the first Mitzvah in the Torah.

As a matter of fact, I would like to call your attention to the fact, which I am sure also your doctor will substantiate, that there are many medical authorities who do not accept the whole theory regarding the period of ovulation with absolute certainty. Furthermore, the number of medical authorities subscribing to this latter view is increasing. But even those who do attach importance to this theory, do not claim that the period of ovulation could be so carefully narrowed down as to make a day or two significant. Finally, there are various methods and treatments which help to postpone the period of ovulation and which have been applied to good advantage.

May G‑d, Whose benevolent Providence extends to everyone individually, fulfill your heart's desire to be blessed with healthy offspring.

Hoping to hear good news from you,

With blessing,

By Nissan Mindel

It would be advisable to ascertain if, at the time of your marriage, either you or your wife might have been involved in hurting the feelings of a man or a woman through a previous broken engagement or promise, and the like, in which case a Mechila might be necessary.

On the 20th of Sivan 5721 the Rebbe wrote to wish them mazal tov on the birth of their first child!