25 Tammuz, 5749
[July 28, 1989]

On Sunday, Tammuz 13 the Yeshiva Gedola Lubavitch in Manchester made a siyum Sefer Torah written in honor of the Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson ע"ה. Tragically, on the following Shabbos, Tammuz 19, there was a fire in the Yeshiva in which the new Sefer Torah was destroyed.

There was a suggestion that ZJ should travel to Crown Heights with the Rosh Yeshiva to seek the Rebbe’s guidance and consolation for the community.


1) By coming to New York this would emphasize to all who wished to understand it in this way, that this was a problem which affected all Kahal Yisroel.

2) It is a matter for the Chief Rabbonim of the city to decide.

3) To fly to 770 to discuss this matter with the Rebbe is against the Din.

4) The Almighty will repair all broken fences and breakages.

5)      These days will be transformed from days of sorrow into days of joy.

6) We will all very soon celebrate the true and complete redemption, and,

7) I will mention this at the Ohel.