By the Grace of G‑d
21 Iyar, 5741
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[June 1980]

To All Participants1 in the Publication of
The Small Edition of the Bilingual Tanya

Greeting and Blessing:

I was delighted to receive the new small edition of the bilingual Tanya. Though, of course, small in size, it has all the good features and also external beauty of its larger predecessor – in keeping with the teaching of our Sages in connection with the verse, “This is my G‑d and I will glorify Him.” This is all the more important since the external Hiddur of the Sefer is conducive to the study and absorption of its contents.

I take exception, however, to the comment, “the project is now completed” – not to imply, G‑d forbid, that the publication part of it is in any way incomplete. But this part is only a prelude to the essential part of the project, namely, to disseminate this sacred Sefer and its central message: to explain and show how the Torah and Mitzvos are “exceedingly near to you, in your mouth, and in your heart to do it” – as the author of the Tanya defines its objective on the very first title page. This task – to see to it that the Sefer and its message reach every Jew, man and woman, since both are included in the above definition – is only its beginning.

I wish each and everyone of you much Hatzlocho in working towards the achievement of the said task. The present days of Sefirah and preparation for Kabbolas haTorah with joy and inwardness is particularly propitious to go from strength to strength in the said direction.

With esteem and blessing,

M. Schneerson