By the Grace of G‑d
In the Beginning of Cheshvan, 5738
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[October, 1977]

Mr. Shneur Zalman Jaffe & Family
And all Anash, Manchester

Greeting and Blessing:

I appreciate very much your thoughtful expression of concern and your good wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

With the help of G‑d, the Healer of All Flesh Who Works Wondrously, my health has improved satisfactorily and I am, thank G‑d, able to continue my work and activities.

In accordance with the Divine promise, “I (G‑d, the Source of all blessings) will bless them that bless you,”

May G‑d bestow His generous blessings on you and yours, materially and spiritually.

With esteem,

M. Schneerson

P. S. Thanks for [your] letter of 28 Tishrei. Am pleased to note you were honored with Chosson-Torah. Tizku l'Mitzvos rabbois1.