Secretariat of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson
The Lubavitcher Rabbi

By the Grace of G‑d
5th of Iyar, 5735
[April 16, 1975]

Dear Mr. Jaffe,

The Rebbe Shlita has told me about your intention to visit here with your family for Shovuoth. Accordingly, I have alerted Rabbi Krinsky and Rabbi Klein, and they have assured me that suitable housing arrangements will be made.

You will undoubtedly be interested to know that the Rebbe’s Shlita Sicho of Yud Shevat was read at a Congressional meeting, and then published in the United States Congressional Record, on March 26.

For your personal interest, and in the interest of the broader public you have access to, we are herewith enclosing a copy of the above record.

With all good wishes, and looking forward to seeing you all here soon,

Very sincerely,

Rabbi M.A. Chodakov