By the Grace of G‑d
10th of Menachem Av 5734
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[July 29, 1974]

Mrs. Yache Reize Jaffe
105 Cavendish Road
Salford, Lancs.

Blessing and Greeting:

I learned of the passing of your mother, peace to her, already after Shiva. May G‑d grant that henceforth you should not know of any sorrow, and be recompensed with much good.

The Zechus of the great work which you and your family are doing in the cause of Torah, Toras Chayim also called Lekach Tov (good teaching) will surely stand you and your husband and children and grandchildren in good stead, to be blessed with long life, filled with goodness and benevolence, the kind of good that is revealed and obvious.

With blessing,

M. Schneerson