By the Grace of G‑d
3rd of Nissan, 5731
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[March 29, 1971]

Greeting and Blessing:

I am in receipt of your correspondence, in which you mention also about the regards and report which Mr. Dovber Perrin has delivered on his return. I trust that this was in greater detail than appears from your writing. Moreover, I trust that he has also transmitted, at least in a capsule form, the points that were discussed at the Farbrengen, although this was relayed over the long distance telephone, and that he particularly conveyed the points which were discussed during Shabbos, which were not, of course, relayed by telephone. Furthermore, I hope that all the things were transmitted in the conducive atmosphere of a get-together and Farbrengen, when both the speakers and the audience are in the proper frame of mind.

Above all, the important thing is that all these things which have been said, and even more so, the things that should have been said, should be translated into actual deed, and implemented with joy and gladness of heart, in accordance with the central theme of Purim that for the Jews there was “Light, Joy, Gladness and Honor” in the plain sense of these words, as well as in their deeper interpretation by our Sages, namely “Light – this is Torah,” “Joy – this is Yom Tov, “ “Gladness – this is Milah,” and “Honor – this is Tefillin.”

Another point I mention here, which I trust was also transmitted, is that the Poskim Achronim declare that the Talmudic statement “With the entry of Adar joy should be on the increase” includes also the month of Nissan that follows it. Accordingly, may G‑d grant that this should be so also throughout the current month.

Wishing you and all yours a Kosher and happy Pesach, as well as Mazel Tov on the birth of your grandchildren on the side of your son and daughter respectively, and wishing you and Mrs. Jaffe true Yiddish Chasidish Nachas from all your offspring, in good health and happy circumstances,

With blessing,

M. Schneerson

P.S. I refer to the subject of the problem of accommodation in our area, which you mention in your recent letters, as experienced last Shovuos when you were here, and the inconveniences connected with it. – I have, of course, kept in touch with the situation to see if there has been any improvement. I cannot say that I am quite satisfied, all the more so that it is difficult to speak for another person, especially if that person is also not very certain. On the other hand, it is certain that no Jew should have inconveniences at any time of the year, least of all during Yom Tov, when all aspects have to be with joy, and especially such a Yom Tov as Shovuos, the Yom Tov of Mattan Torah, when all the Yomim Tovim were instituted.

In addition to the above, there is another factor to be considered, namely that in line with various changes which took place lately1, and as was also the case on this past Purim, there does not appear a likelihood for joint Seudos on Yom Tov, at which I could join you and other Chasidim (except מוצאי יו"ט2).

In the light of all that has been said above, and al­though it would have been a real pleasure to see you here on Yom Tov during the davenning and Farbrengen, there are the overriding considerations of the physical inconveniences mentioned above, especially during the days of Yom Tov and Shabbos (adding also the fact that the (newborn) grandchildren could not accompany you), and also the fact that there would be no mutual Yom-Tovdike Seudos, it would seem advisable to defer the pleasure of your visit. Moreover, it appears from your letter that there is also a serious doubt whether there would be sufficient co-travelers to reduce the financial cost.

All this adds up to the conclusion that it would be best at this time to take the thought for the deed, and defer the pleasure for a more suitable time. Consequently, this letter is sent to you by special delivery, in order to halt registration for the flight and avoid further inconveniences.