By the Grace of G‑d
28th of Nissan, 5728
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[April 26, 1968]

To All Participants in the Opening
of the New Lubavitch Synagogue
and Youth Centre
Manchester, England

Greeting and Blessing:

On the joyous occasion of the opening of the Lubavitch Synagogue and Youth Centre in the distinguished community of Manchester, it gives me great pleasure to associate myself with this event by means of the present message.

Each and every action or project which advances the dissemination of Torah and Mitzvoth strengthens and stimulates Jewish life far beyond the local precincts. This is particularly true in the present day and age, when Jewish life has become more compact than ever.

How much more significant and far-reaching is an achievement such as the new Lubavitch Synagogue and Centre in Manchester.

Our Sages of blessed memory said  כל הקובע מקום לתפלתו אלקי אברהם בעזרו – “Whoever estab­lishes a place for his prayers, the G‑d of Abraham comes to his aid” (Berachot 6b). Although the deeper meaning of this “establish­ment” refers also to the spiritual dimension of prayer, the plain and halachik meaning of the words is the actual establishment of a proper synagogue, conducive to sincere devotion in the regular daily prayers.

Moreover, where the Beth HaKnesseth is also a Beth Hamidrash, that is to say when the House of Prayer is also a House of regular Torah and Halacha study, it has the added dimension of what our Sages describe as שערים מצויינים בהלכה – “Gates distinguished in Halachah” (Berachot 8a), and further comes under another saying of our Sages to wit כל הקובע מקום לתורתו אויביו נופלים תחתיו – “Whoever establishes a place for his Torah study, his enemies fall before him” (Berachot 7b. Rif version) – something so urgently needed at this time when our people are surrounded by so many enemies.

I hope and pray that the Lubavitch Centre in Manchester will stimulate both devotional prayer and Torah study on a large scale, the kind of prayer and study that strengthen adherence with Hiddur to the Mitzvoth in the daily life. And may G‑d fulfill the prayers and petitions of His people, Israel, as well as those of each and everyone individually, culminating in the fulfillment of our most fervent prayer for the coming of Moshiach, bringing the end of our Golus, when “our people shall be troubled no more” (ibid).

With esteem and blessing for Hatzlocho,

M. Schneerson