By the Grace of G‑d
29th of Tishrei, 5726
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[October 25, 1965]

Greeting and Blessing:

Your letter of October 14th reached me with some delay. In it you write the details about the birth of your grandson, and his state of health, etc. I trust that your next letter will contain the good news that everything is in the best order, and also that there has been an improvement in matters of Parnosso.

No doubt the visitors from Manchester have given you regards, as well as a detailed report of all their experiences here, and may G‑d grant that their inspiration will be shared by all, in line with the saying of our Sages of blessed memory that “Words coming from the heart penetrate the heart” and are fruitful.

Now that we have entered the workdays of the new year, may every one of us see the fulfillment of ויעקב הלך לדרכו1 with Hatzlocho, each one to fulfill his duties and tasks with joy and gladness of heart.

With blessing of מזל טוב2,

M. Schneerson