By the Grace of G‑d
14th of Tammuz, 5725
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[July 14, 1965]

Greeting and Blessing:

This is to acknowledge your two recent letters. I trust that you and your community celebrated the 12-13th of Tammuz with the maximum inspiration.

With reference to your writing about forthcoming meetings and consultations in connection with the plan concerning your son-in-law Rabbi Shmuel Lew, it surprises me that it should take so long between one meeting and another. Especially in view of the fact that this year is a leap year, and the end of Elul, and especially Tishrei, is the time when the new year begins for school children and university students, all of which requires a great deal of preparation by a youth director for the youth activities. If the opportunity should be missed, it would entail a loss of many months. Therefore, it would be well to finalize the matter of the appointment as soon as possible, so that he could take over his position and duties and get busy. To an Askon such as you, it is unnecessary to elaborate on the fact that time is especially of the essence in such a case.

I trust that you will not look so Moro-shchoredick on this whole matter and its difficulties, and that you will be confident that the results will be more satisfactory even than the most optimistic perspectives.

With blessing,

M. Schneerson