By the Grace of G‑d
15th of Kislev, 5724
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[December 1, 1963]

Greeting and Blessing:

After the interruption, I received your letter of the 26th of November with the enclosures. You write about the plans for your forthcoming trip, and may G‑d grant that everything should be in good order in every respect.

At this time, before Yud-Tes Kislev, may every one of us experience the fulfillment of the Posuk1 (פדה בשלום נפשי מקרב לי כי ברבים היו עמדי (תהלים נה, י"ט which, according to the interpretation of our Sages, re­fers to the redemption of G‑d, so to speak, and the redemp­tion of His children from among the nations of the world, through the fulfillment of the Torah and Mitzvoth, both the duties to G‑d and the duties to fellow man, as our Sages expressed it so eloquently2

אמר הקב"ה: כל העוסק בתורה ובגמילות חסדים ומתפלל עם הציבור מעלה אני עליו כאילו פדאני לי ולבני מבין אומות העולם (ברכות ח,א).

With the blessing of Chag Ha-Geuloh,

M. Schneerson