l2th of Elul 5722
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[September 11, 1962]

Sholom uBrocho:

Thank you for your letter of August 27th. In the meantime you have no doubt received my previous letter in reply to yours.

I was pleased to read about the projected enlargement of the building program for the New High School. I trust that Alderman Moss is making the fullest use of his connections, and I include in this also the connections which every Jew has with the highest spheres Above, which, in this case, will be greatly strengthened by the firm determination to further Jewish education al taharas hakodesh in the best possible way. The connections with the Above will in turn strengthen and make more productive the connections below, and make G‑d grant him success in this and in his other communal endeavors. I will look forward to hear good news from you about the development of the project.

I hope your daughter's experience in Camp Gan Israel will stand her in good stead and inspire her to greater accomplishments in her efforts in behalf of her environment in M/c. May you and Mrs. Jaffe always have much Nachas from her and your son in every respect.

Rabbi Jacobson, on his return, conveyed to me your regards and also told me about the get-together in your home.

May G‑d grant that you have good news to report in all your affairs, including your private ones, especially about a substantial pick-up in your business.

Wishing you and yours a kesivo vachasimo toivo,

With blessing,

M. Schneerson