By the Grace of G‑d
20th of Sivan, 5721
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[June 4, 1961]

Greeting and Blessing:

The Rabbi Shlita received a letter from Mrs. Ruth Royde, Principal of the Jewish High School for Girls, in which she writes that Mr. … and his brother, Mr. …, have decided to send their daughters to non-Jewish grammar schools, although they have passed the entrance examination to the above School.

The Rabbi's Shlita reply is enclosed herewith. Needless to say, it had to be written in those terms, as would be the reply to a similar letter in which only one side expresses views. At the same time, the Rabbi Shlita would appreciate it if you would look into this matter confidentially, and inform him as to all the circumstances involved, and what remains to be done in this situation.

With blessing,

Nissan Mindel