By the Grace of G‑d
27th of Nissan, 5721
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[April 13, 1961]

Greeting and Blessing:

Thank you for your letters of April 11th and March 21st.

I was pleased to see your son Abraham Joseph back and present at the Farbrengen of the latter days of Pesach. Subsequently, he also visited me in connection with his birthday, and he gave me regards from you. May G‑d grant that you will always have true Yiddish and Chassidic Nachas from him, and from your daughter, in good health, happiness and gladness of heart.

The P.N. will be read at the holy resting place of my father-in-law of saintly memory.

Although I have not yet received a detailed report about the consecration of the Lubavitch House in London, I was pleased to receive a general report that it was successful. I hope both you and Mrs. Jaffe participated. May G‑d grant that the Lubavitch house, as all Lubavitch activities everywhere, will live up to the principle of “The dissemination of the fountains abroad” in the fullest measure. And as in all matters of holiness, obligation carries with it also opportunity and ability of fulfillment.

I hope to hear good news from you also about a substantial improvement in your business affairs, and in all your affairs, both public and personal.

With blessing,

M. Schneerson

Iyar 9. Letter delayed. In the meantime yours of 4/19 was received.