By the Grace of G‑d
11th of Nissan, 57[211]
Brooklyn, New York
[March 28, 1961]

Mr. S. Z. Jaffe and Family


Greeting and Blessing:

On the occasion of the forthcoming Yom-Tov Pesach, I send you my prayerful wishes that the Festival of Our Freedom bring you and yours true freedom, freedom from anxiety material and spiritual, from anything which might distract from serving G‑d wholeheartedly and with joy, and to carry over this freedom and joy into the whole year.

Wishing you and yours a kosher and happy Pesach,


M. Schneerson

P.S. This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter, in which you ask my opinion about joining another organization for a chartered flight to NYK.

I presume that such a partnership would not be used by the other party for publicity purposes, and since the food etc. would be under your supervision there does not seem anything untoward involved. On the other hand, if arrangement would entail the need to register as members in that organization, this might involve complications.

But perhaps there is a possibility to avoid common knowledge about the arrangements since this is probably a formality which is of interest to the airline. As for dues, perhaps it can take the form of a subsidy by a single individual?

Needless to say, the best solution would be to have an independent flight. Therefore, it would be well to delay a final decision to the latest possible date, and in the meantime see how things develop.