This is page 2 of a letter dated 19th Adar, 5721. Page 1 is still absent. It is possible that this page was added to the letter of 12 Adar.

19th Adar, 5721
[March 7, 1961]

Just receive your letter of March 3rd, with the enclosure. I was very gratified to read about the success of the Purim affair, may G‑d grant that all activities of Lubavitch in your community be constantly on the upgrade. Inasmuch as those who participated in these activities especially those who are the moving spirits behind these activities, with yourself at their head, and give of their time and substance, are also the recipients of G‑d's blessings, every additional effort will bring you and them increased Divine blessings, materially and spiritually.

This is in line with what has been said on previous occasions that the commandment to increase joy with the entry of Adar, implies that every day of the month should have a larger measure of joy over and above the increased measure of joy in the previous day, and so on, in a compounded way each day. Similarly, it should be with all matters of Torah and Mitzvoth. Since G‑d’s reward is in kind and in a most generous measure, His blessings come in a similar compounded way.

I requested Rabbi Shemtov, before his return to England, to convey to you and to all friends in Manchester my personal regards and best wishes and thanks.