By the Grace of G‑d
9th of Elul, 5718
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[August 25, 1958]

Greeting and Blessing:

I received your letter of August 14th, containing the good news that you are pleased with the outcome of the court case so far, and, what is even more important, with the progress that you and your wife have been making towards complete recovery.

You do not mention anything about your business and your public work, which I take it as an indication that all is well in those departments.

Now that we have entered the month of Elul, when we say twice daily in our prayers Psalm 27, “G‑d is my light and my salvation,” etc., I trust that you will become increasingly aware that this is so in your case.

Wishing you and yours a Kesivo Vachasimo Toivo, with blessing,

M. Schneerson