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Kosher: Diet Plan of the Soul

Kosher is the diet plan for the soul, in that they are the foods prescribed by G‑d in the Torah for consumption by the Jewish people.
Health would not explain why an animal must be ritually slaughtered, why fish with fins and scales would be specified, or why milk from a non-kosher animal would be unfit for consumption.
For every mitzvah, there is a benefit and a reason. In some instances, the reason and the benefit seem readily discernible, while others are beyond mortal understanding.
The sages explain that there are several beneficial outcomes that happen to a person by virtue of keeping kosher.
Ideally, the body is meant merely as a conduit for the spiritual, the means of expressing the selflessness and purity of the soul.
The Jewish soul is sensitive to the harmful spiritual effects of forbidden animals.

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By Pinchas Taylor
Can a modern, thinking person identify with traditional Judaism? In Pillars of Faith, Jewish belief is explained clearly and logically, for both the beginner and scholar, using a wide variety of both ancient and modern sources.
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