It is not unusual for a Chatan and Kallah to be gripped with anxiety as the wedding day comes closer. I recall that more than once I was called by a Chatan as late as a few hours before that wedding saying that he would like to call it off. In speaking to these Chatanim, it became apparent that they were afraid that they would not succeed in building the ideal home which would be permeated with Torah and mitzvot. Hence, rather than fail, they preferred not to start at all.

In retrospect, this is not a modern day malady. I believe the first such anxiety attack can be dated back to Moshe Rabbeinu and K’lal Yisrael. The Torah tells us that when all the work of the Mishkan was completed, they brought all the components to Moshe. Rashi, in the name of Midrash Tanchuma, explains that the reason for bringing everything to Moshe and not erecting the Mishkan themselves was that they were unable to do it without help. No man was able to erect it because of the weight of the beams since a normal a man does not have sufficient strength.

After working indefatigably on the Mishkan and having meticulously fulfilled all Hashem’s commands concerning its specifics, they were overcome with anxiety and despondent when they realized they could not erect it due to the weight of the kerashim — boards. One can well imagine their dismay and disillusionment over the possibility that the Sanctuary, which was to serve as the holy dwelling place for His Divine Presence, would not achieve its purpose.

When Moshe saw the task laid before him, he turned to Hashem and said, “How can the Mishkan’s assembly be accomplished by man?” Hashem said to him, “Involve yourself in assembling the Mishkan with your hand, and though it will appear as if you were setting it up, it will actually rise upright and stand by itself.”

What a beautiful lesson Hashem taught Moshe! When something has to be accomplished, don’t become disillusioned and frightened because it seems difficult or impossible. Make an honest effort. Put your hands to it and do your best. The rest leave to Hashem — He will bless you with success and the seemingly difficult or even impossible will become reality. As the Midrash says, Adam oseh beyadav v’Hakadosh Baruch Hu mevarech ma’aseh yadav” — “A person does with his hands and the Holy One Blessed Be He will bless the work of his hands.”

So I say the same to you, my dear Chatan and Kallah. If you are anxious about the thought of succeeding in your endeavor to build a Torah home in the community of Israel, don’t be disillusioned. You are not the first to be frightened by the challenge and you will probably not be the last. Remember what Hashem told Moshe Rabbeinu when he was concerned and apprehensive: Work earnestly and ultimately your efforts will be crowned with success.

I will conclude with a cute story I heard many years ago. Once while a little boy was playing with ABC blocks, he called his mother to come to his room. When she entered he told her in amazement that he just figured out that the word G-O-O-D is really composed of two words GO and DO. His mother exclaimed, “You are indeed right my child: when we ‘go’ and ‘do,’ G‑d will help that everything will turn out good.”