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The World Beyond the Grave

Life After Death, The Concept of Immortality The Messiah, Resurrection: A Symbolic Idea, G-d Is Just, The Meaning of Death

Judaism and the Afterlife
The conviction in a life after death, unprovable but unshakeable, has been cherished since the beginning of thinking man’s life on earth. It makes its appearance in religious literature not as fiat, commanded irrevocably by an absolute G‑d, but rather arises plant-like, growing and developing naturally in the soul . . .
If the Jewish religion had done nothing more for mankind, it could have claimed to be the bed-rock of all the world's ethical culture...
Traditional Judaism believes, without equivocation, in the coming of an inconceivably great hero, anointed for leadership--a descendant of the House of David, who will lead the world out of chaos...
Resurrection affirms that man's empirical existence is valuable in G-d's eyes; his activities in this world are significant in the scheme of eternity; his strivings are not to be deprecated as vain and useless, but are to be brought to fulfillment at the end of days...
The existence of a life after death is a necessary corollary of the Jewish belief in a just and merciful and ethical God...
In the final analysis, death has meaning if life had meaning...

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