Vedibarta Bam is not a book of sermons. It is a compilation of selected Torah insights, thought-provoking ideas, homilies and explanations of Torah passages.

As a congregation Rabbi I deliver derashot — sermons — regularly. As a Yeshivah principal I make an effort to attend the Bar Mitzvah celebrations of the talmidim and usually speak in honor of the occasion. Many of the thoughts and interpretations included in this sefer were expounded in the derashot I delivered in my shul and on various occasions.

I am confident that a speaker will find herein a vast source of material which can easily be adapted and developed for a given occasion. To facilitate this, an index is included which indicates which thought is suitable for a given subject.

Much effort was made to give the sources for the divrei Torah. In the instances where they are missing, it may be because I was unable to find them or because the thoughts are original.