Shabbat morning prayers include two services--Shacharit ("morning" prayer) and Musaf ("additional" prayer). While prayer is a daily mitzvah, Shabbat is a truly opportune time for your soul to commune with her Creator, free as she is of the worries and concerns of the workaday world. Indeed, the Shabbat prayers exclude the usual requests for material sustenance and other physical needs, including instead more psalms and spiritually inspiring prayers—all accompanied with each community's traditional Shabbat tunes.

Is your Hebrew weak or non-existent? Don't let that stop you. G‑d understands all languages, and prayer books with English translation are readily available. Many congregations have beginner-friendly services, with the rabbi supplying guidance and explanations as the service moves along. See the link below to find such a synagogue in your area.

It is an age-old custom to study a bit of chassidic teaching before the morning prayers. These teachings, with their love- and awe-inspiring elucidation of G‑d, existence, life and the G‑dliness in existence and life, are the perfect prelude to prayer, making the experience that much more meaningful.