1) If an unmarried woman gives birth to a son, some say that he should be named Zundel [“little sin”]. Others say that he should be named Isser [“forbidden”].

2) If a mamzer is born, some say that he should be named Kidor, after the verse (Devarim 32:20) Ki dor tahapuchos heima [“for they are a generation of contradictions]. Others disagree, saying that they may give him any name they wish.

3) Regarding a questionable mamzer, there are two opinions. Some say that he should not be given any name that is reserved for a mamzer, for this would constitute calling one’s fellow Jew by a shameful name. Others say that he should be named Zundel, or given one of the names from the period prior to Avraham Avinu, to signify that the child has a questionable pedigree.

4) If an orphan is born, whose father and mother are both dead - some name such a child Uri Shraga, or Schneur. This serves as memorial lamps for the souls of both his parents. Some name an orphan Yerucham, after the verse (Hoshea 14:4) Asher becha yerucham yasom [“for through You shall the orphan be comforted”].