1) We find in Tanach names of people that are identical to names of places. For example: Ephras is the place where Rachel Imeinu died and was buried (Bereishis 48:7). This name also appears in I Divrei HaYamim 2:19, as the name of Calev’s wife. Similarly, Edom, the name of a place, is mentioned in Parshas Toldos as the name of Esav. There are other similar cases.

2) Nowadays, there are some newly-invented names, used mainly in Eretz Yisrael, that are both names of places, and names of people. For example, the masculine names Arnon, Givon, Geva; and the feminine names Kineres, Eilas, Carmella, etc.

3) Some say that one should not give his son two names, one of which is also the name of a place, such as Reuven Chevroni, for this may later result in legal problems.