1) In the old days, people preferred to give their children names that contain the Name of G‑d, or names that express praise and thanks to G‑d. For example, the prefix E-l in the names Elkana, Elchanan, Eliezer, Elazar; the prefix Y-h in the names Yehoshua, Yehoyakim, Yehoyada; the suffix E-l in the names Shmuel, Yerachmiel, Yechezkel; the suffix Y-h in the names Yeshayah, Ovadiah, etc.

2) When writing G‑d’s name - for example, Elokim - a hyphen should be inserted into the word [E-lohim].

3) Regarding names containing the Name of G‑d, we are not obligated to insert a hyphen between the letters constituting G‑d’s Name (e.g., Shmue-l). Nonetheless, some practice an extra degree of piety, and are accustomed to insert a hyphen between the letters yud-hei or between the letters aleph-lamed.

4) For many names, we call the person by the corresponding nickname. For example, Elchanan = Choneh; Eliyahu = Eli; Eliezer = Leizer; Gedalyahu = Gedalia; Yehudah = Yud’l. The reason for this is that these names contain the Name of G‑d.