1) Just as a son is named (specifically) by his father, so too, a father names his daughter.

2) If a girl is born, and her father is not in town, the daughter should not be given a name until the father returns; he then gives her the name. Meanwhile, she is called by the family surname.

3) The father gives his daughter a name when he is called up to the Torah.

4) Among the Sephardim, the ceremony of naming a daughter is called “presentation of the daughter”; their customs in this regard are somewhat different from ours.

5) There are different customs regarding when a girl should be given a name. Some say that she should be named on the day she is born.

6) Others say that she is given a name on the first opportunity following her birth that the Torah is read. This is done even if it is a weekday; they should not wait until Shabbos.

7) Still others have the custom of waiting until Shabbos.

8) Some say that she should not be given a name until five days after her birth; however, if the third day falls on Shabbos, she may be named then.

9) Another custom is to wait until the girl is a full month old, and only then do they give her a name.

10) Others wait until the first Shabbos that the new mother is able to go to the synagogue, and to give the name then.

11) Some wait until forty days elapse before giving her a name.

12) A joyous feast is held when a girl is named.

13) When giving a daughter her name, they should be careful to pronounce it correctly, as the name appears in the Torah, and not in diminutive form.