1) The subject of what name to give a child should not be discussed before the child is actually born.

2) The child’s name should not be registered with the office of the civil authorities before the bris.

3) The custom is to name a boy immediately after entering him into the covenant of Avraham Avinu.

4) A child who is born already circumcised is named at the time of hatafas dam bris.

5) Regarding a child who cannot be circumcised on time, there are various customs about when to name him. Some say that he is named when his father is called up to the Torah. Others say that it is better to make it a point to name the child within eight days of birth, before the obligation devolves upon him, and thus, before he can be classified as uncircumcised. Still others have the custom to delay giving the name until the bris, even if it will not be until many weeks later.

6) If the child is a firstborn male, and they are obligated to redeem him, and the bris must be delayed; then he is given a name at the time of the pidyon haben, and they should not wait until the circumcision.

7) If a child is born, and it is necessary to pray for the child’s health, then he should be given a name immediately, and then they should pray for him.