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Charity, The Priorities
What are the eight levels in charity? To whom do you have to give Charity first? What is the best way to give Charity? How much Charity must one give? Is there a limit to the amount of charity I can give?
The Mitzvah of Tzedakah
This class expounds upon the deeper meaning for the mitzvah of tzedakah and what it accomplishes.
Weekly Story for Pinchas: The Centrality of Consistency
What do you think is the most significant verse in the entire Torah? You will be really surprised to hear the answer. This week we have a powerful relevant lesson and a great story of the incredible philanthropist Baruch from Minsk!
The Personal Parshah: Vayishlach
Triumph and endurance: two aspects of the Jewish psyche. Look into your life and find the parsha therein.
The Miser of the Town
No one loved his fellow Jews more than R. Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev. This story paints a picture of life in Berditchev of old.
The Hidden Treasure
Voices from Another World
The story of the rich miser
A riveting story about a rich man who wouldn’t give any tzedakah. Join Rabbi Sholem Perl, master storyteller, as he brings to life this story that shows us the importance of helping the poor and welcoming guests into our home.
The Kabbalah of Charity
Our Sages teach: “tzedakah, charity, is equivalent to all the mitzvot combined”. Why such great emphasis on this individual mitzvah?
How to Have Abundance
We learn so much from a seed. One tiny seed can yield a tree overflowing with fruit. True abundance comes from a special kind of planting, with a certain kind of attitude. Learn how to invest in a way that will yield abundance and blessing.
Do Not Steal
Audio | 22:46
Do Not Steal
The Eighth Commandment
"You shall not steal."
The Secret to Becoming Rich
The Mitzvah of Tzedakah
Discover layers of significance to the mitzvah of tzedakah, which is so much more that simple charity.
The Mitzvah Campaign of Tzedakah
The Rebbe’s mitzvah campaign of Tzedaka places great emphasis on everyone having a pushka (charity box), and ensuring it’s prominently displayed. This class endeavors to crystalize why this is so important in reclaiming a lost Jewish art.
The Meaning of the Word
Tzedakah—Lesson 1
Three Hebrew letters contain an encoded message explaining how tzedakah is really not charity but justice.
Wealth Distribution
Audio | 10:43
Wealth Distribution
Tzedakah—Lesson 2
Why doesn’t G‑d just give each person their appropriate share of wealth, rather than creating a world where some people are wealthy and others are in need?
G-d Asks Us to
Tzedakah—Lesson 3
The promises of reward for one who gives tzedakah. Malachi 3:10: “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse . . . and please test Me . . . if I will not open for you the windows of heaven, and pour out for you blessing . . .”
Heaven's Annual Budget
Tzedaka - Lesson 4
How much money are we destined to make this year? And how much are we destined to keep? Why the money we give away to tzedaka was never really ours to begin with.
Selfless Giving
Audio | 10:22
Selfless Giving
Tzedaka - Lesson 5
Sometimes we give in order to feel better about ourselves. How can we make sure that our giving is altruistic? When our giving is determined by the recipients needs and not by our desire to give.
Why Did G-d Create Money?
Tzedaka - Lesson 6
Couldn't G-d have just made a world where nobody needed any money. A look at the very spiritual side of economics.
Giving Until it Hurts
Tzedaka - Lesson 7
The Torah says that one must give a tenth of their wealth to tzedaka but no more than one fifth. Are there ever circumstances where it is fitting to give even more? Tzedaka as a mode of repentance
Tzedaka - Lesson 8
The spiritual ripple effect of using our material means to give tzedaka.
How to Give
Audio | 26:33
How to Give
Tzedaka - Lesson 9
A quick overview of some of the basic laws of charity including Maimonides' famous "Eight Levels of Charity."
The Power of Charity
Charity as a redemptive and theurgic process
Tracing the history and significance of charity as a channel to influence a heavenly decree, examining Scriptural, Rabbinic, and Chassidic sources.
Foundations of the Jewish Home
The mitzvahs of mezuzah and charity
We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping and eating and doing other mundane things. How can we elevate all aspects of our lives? And why are the mitzvot of tzedakah (charity) and affixing a mezuzah comparable to keeping all the other mitzvot of the Torah?
Charity Before Prayers, Kashrut, and Reciting Blessings
Why we give charity before we pray, why we refrain from eating certain foods, and how saying blessings promotes the attitude of gratitude.
The Butler, the Baker ... the Dynamite Maker
You can take the lead of your own life and start writing better scripts. It’s not easy, but it’s doable.
A Tale of Two Butchers
Melbourne has often been named one of the most livable cities in the world. Lesser known, but most important, is that this “shtetl” is famous for its kindness—it’s hachnasat orchim—generously hosting and caring for its guests, and for the enormous compassion that the people have for each other.
Hachnasat Kallah
Audio | 2:26
Hachnasat Kallah
Assisting brides and grooms
Literally “bringing in the bride,” it refers to the mitzvah of providing bride and groom with all that they need to marry.
Why Orphans Are Not Made to Give Charity
What happens in a situation where a person has income but is in a physical or mental state that renders him unable to fulfill his charitable obligations? Is he exempt from being charitable, or must others contribute from his resources on his behalf?
The Tailor Who Did Not Know He Was Special
The poor tailor became a beggar, and it seemed to the local population that he had lost his mind.
Why Do We Say Yizkor When We Do?
Yizkor is recited four times a year: on the last day of Passover, on the second day of Shavuot, on Shemini Atzeret and Yom Kippur.
Rebbe, My Parents Are Fighting!
When he will see that she doesn't want to argue and fight, his desire to argue will also weaken and decrease over time.
15 Historical Facts About Rabbi DovBer of Lubavitch
Join us as we discover the life and times of a Jewish leader and Torah scholar.
The Greedy Liar and the Grateful Merchant
“I came to honor the holy rabbi, to tell this story and express my gratitude,” continued the rich businessman who had traveled all the way to Fez to see Rabbi Yehuda Ben-Attar. “I am certain the ruin of my ex-partner is because he used your name to swear falsely”
How a Motherless Widow Embraced Kindness
Before I fall asleep I imagine my grandmother reminding me to learn to narrate my life with positivity and gratitude.
Herschel Goat
Audio | 6:08
Herschel Goat
“When I was a young man of twenty,” the Baal Shem Tov began his story, “shortly after being accepted in the society of hidden tzaddikim, several of us came to the city of Brody . . .”
Give and Give Again
Audio | 54:21
Give and Give Again
Parsha Re'eh
When giving charity, clearly one should give wholeheartedly and pleasantly. But how critical to the mitzvah of tzedakah is the manner in which it is given? Maimonides and Rashi offer differing views. This class analyzes their positions and reveals the essence of charity. (Likutei Sichos vol. 34, Sicha 2)
How to Give
Audio | 45:10
How to Give
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on the commandment of tzedakah
When the Torah instructs us to give charity, it uses very specific words, to convey a profound message on what giving is all about.
Daily Mitzvah, Day 125: Tithes for the Poor & Not to Ignore the Needy
Study the daily lesson of Sefer HaMitzvos for day 125 with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, where he teaches the mitzvah in-depth with added insight and detail.
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Give life to others before praying for your own sustenance
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