1. Supplementary Material: Each English volume in this series carries its own footnotes, sources and glossary. The miscellaneous talks and letters that were appended to the original Hebrew/Yiddish volumes all appear, chronologically, in Volume 5. That volume also provides supplementary background resources for the entire set, including a Biographical Index, an Index of Placenames and a Subject Index; a map; a biographical outline of the author; a partial family tree of the author’s forebears; and a chronological listing of all the talks and letters that appear in all five volumes, with page references.

2. “Chapter”: This term corresponds to Likkut in the original; i.e., one of the scores of booklets published in different times and places that together constitute Likkutei Dibburim.

3. Sources: As a rule, quotations and paraphrases have been traced for the Tanach, Talmud, Midrash, Rambam, and various other classical primary sources. References to the literature of Chassidus, however, except for a few major and readily-accessible sources, have not been given: they would be virtually endless.

4. Indented Passages: Descriptive and connecting passages interpolated by the editor of these talks when they were first published appear here indented. Additions or summaries by the translator are indicated by square brackets [].

5. Punctuation: In keeping with the traditions of rabbinic literature, the text in the original employs a minimal system of punctuation far less formal than what the English reader is accustomed to. This of course increases the possibility of differing interpretations.

6. Footnotes: The boldface footnotes throughout were translated from the footnotes written by the Rebbe Rayatz or by the Rebbe that appear in the original Yid./Heb. texts. The sources and notes added by the editor of those texts, or by the present translator, appear here in regular font.

7. Brief Titles: For the sake of convenience, several frequently recurring titles have been given short forms of reference, as follows:

HaTamim: Kovetz HaTamim (Kehot, Kfar Chabad, 1971)

Igros Kodesh: Volumes of letters of the respective Rebbeim, edited and annotated by R. Shalom Ber Levin (Kehot, N.Y.)

Kehot: Kehot Publication Society (770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11213)

Machzor for Rosh HaShanah: The prayer book, translated by R. Nissen Mangel (Merkos, N.Y., 1983)

Machzor for Yom Kippur: Ibid.

Merkos: Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch; publishing house (770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11213)

Siddur: Siddur Tehillat HaShem with English Translation, Annotated Edition: the prayer book, translated by R. Nissen Mangel (Merkos, N.Y., 2002), or: The Siddur Illuminated by Chassidus (Merkos, N.Y., 2013)

Siddur of the Alter Rebbe: Seder Tefillos MiKol HaShanah (Kehot, N.Y.)

Tanya: Bi-lingual edition of Likkutei Amarim — Tanya (Kehot, London, 1973); or Lessons In Tanya by R. Yosef Wineberg (Kehot, N.Y.)

8. Cross references: The extensive internal crossreferences throughout all the volumes have been pruned and streamlined.

9. The Title “R.”: This may be pronounced casually as “Reb,” or more formally as “Rabbi” (i.e., HaRav), as appropriate.