Throughout the 35 years since the English translation of Likkutei Dibburim first appeared, ever-growing demand has required numerous reprints of its first two editions. In the present (third) edition, which was guided throughout by the sensitive hand of Rabbi Shmuel Avtzon, Director of Sichos In English, the text and footnotes of this classic work have been enriched by various additions gleaned from the scholarly Yiddish edition of Likkutei Dibburim recently annotated by R. Aharon Leib Raskin of Otzar HaChassidim, and the English text has benefited from the perceptive input of Rabbis Meir Avtzon, Zalmy Avtzon, Mendel Goldman, Mendy Kievman, Yossi Rodal, Mendel Turk, Yosef Yiftach, Yankel Oster, along with Mrs. Mushkie Loschak, Mussia Lesches and Rochele Rodal.

In addition, the decanter from which the sweet and heartwarming wine of this classic is served herewith has been updated by the refreshing cover and layout of Spotlight Design, and the typography was tirelessly fine-tuned by Yosef Yitzchok Turner.

Sichos In English

Chai Elul, 5783 (2023) Shnas Hakhel