Adam, the first human being, opened his eyes to a world that appeared to have always been. He lifted his eyes to the vast sky above. He gazed about at the bustling life. He beheld mighty mountains and majestic waterfalls, flowing rivers and verdant forests.

And he cried out, “This is not a sky! This is the vast glory of my Maker!
This is not a mountain, or a waterfall, a tiger or an ant—
—this is all the majesty of an Infinite Being, who created a world out of kindness and might, beauty and wonder, glory and majesty, so that His creatures might know Him!
I know what this is! This is not just a jungle! This is the garden of a great and magnificent King!”

That is why Rosh Hashanah is called the first day of creation, for only then did the world know it had meaning.

And on each Rosh Hashanah we replay that scene, we discover meaning in our world, and the world is born again.

Maamar Zeh Hayom, 5742.