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Shemittah Audio

Audio classes and more on the Sabbatical (Shemittah) year

Shemitah of the Land
This class discusses the spiritual dimension of the mitzvah of Shemitah relating to desisting from working the land.
Shemitah of Money
This class explains the deeper significance behind the mitzvah of Shemitah in relation to the release of debts.
Laws of Shemitah in Israel
With a Hint of Shabbat Laws
The Sabbatical Year
Audio | 1:08:51
The Sabbatical Year
Practical Parshah - Behar
The agricultural restrictions of the seventh (shemita) year, how it is practiced by Jewish farmers in the Land of Israel today, and how it affects kosher consumers.
Eat to Live or Live to Eat?
Life Lessons from Parshat Behar
The Torah specifically links the mitzvah of resting on the Sabbatical year to Mount Sinai. This demonstrates a powerful lesson in the proper approach to work and higher living.
Getting Grounded!
Audio | 1:09:49
Getting Grounded!
Shemita: an oasis of calm every seven years
The parshah of Behar opens with the mitzvah of Shemita, the grounding injunction to refrain working the Holy Land’s soil every seven years. This ground-breaking class uncovers treasures buried just beneath the crust of this most unusual biblical commandment. In addition to garnering a clear understanding of the exceptional scriptural syntax and a range of unique Torah teachings, you’ll discover a whole new level of consciousness and learn how to retain an oasis of calm even as some of the structures we may have centred our lives around appear to be collapsing!
Take a Break
Audio | 1:01:41
Take a Break
Shemitah and Loan Amnesty, Lesson 1
Learn the foundational principles and central laws of the Sabbatical Year, known as Shemitah, which is a year of rest and release for both land and money.
Loan Amnesty
Audio | 1:04:31
Loan Amnesty
Shemitah and Loan Amnesty, Lesson 2
Discover the unique legal mechanism for the ‘pruzbal’ procedure in order to circumvent the issue of loan amnesty on the sabbatical year of shmita.
Transfer of Ownership
Audio | 1:17:24
Transfer of Ownership
Shemitah and Loan Amnesty, Lesson 3
In this class we analyze the power of rabbinical enactments as it relates to the pruzbul.
Redefining Theft
Audio | 1:13:52
Redefining Theft
Shemitah and Loan Amnesty, Lesson 4
Discover the Talmud’s unique approach in how to view the borrower’s obligation and mitzvah to repay a loan.
Is Pruzbul a Mitzvah?
Audio | 1:06:37
Is Pruzbul a Mitzvah?
Shemitah and Loan Amnesty, Lesson 5
In this class we uncover two ways to look at loan amnesty relating to shemittah, and then we examine the Rebbe’s fascinating approach to the enactment of pruzbul.
Parshah Thought: Behar
A five minute weekly Torah thought based on the teachings of Chassidut.
The Dynamics of Faith
Faith is not a last resort of desperation: it’s an inherent faculty whose muscle needs to be exercised. Explore the dynamics of our inner faith.
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