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Loan Amnesty

Discovering Talmudic Principles

This Talmud course will be exploring and analyzing the fourth chapter of tractate Gitin, focusing on the principles of the Shemitah year (coming up next year 5775), cancelations of debts and the procedure of the Pruzbul.

Shemitah and Loan Amnesty, Lesson 1
Learn the foundational principles and central laws of the Sabbatical Year, known as Shemitah, which is a year of rest and release for both land and money.
Shemitah and Loan Amnesty, Lesson 2
Discover the unique legal mechanism for the ‘pruzbal’ procedure in order to circumvent the issue of loan amnesty on the sabbatical year of shmita.
Shemitah and Loan Amnesty, Lesson 3
In this class we analyze the power of rabbinical enactments as it relates to the pruzbul.
Shemitah and Loan Amnesty, Lesson 4
Discover the Talmud’s unique approach in how to view the borrower’s obligation and mitzvah to repay a loan.
Shemitah and Loan Amnesty, Lesson 5
In this class we uncover two ways to look at loan amnesty relating to shemittah, and then we examine the Rebbe’s fascinating approach to the enactment of pruzbul.
Join the Talmud’s discussion as we explore and debate various selected texts from the vast sea of the Talmud, and gain insight and appreciation of its rich knowledge. This series will help enhance your skills in Talmudic analysis and reasoning, whilst providing a window into the style and language of the Talmud, also known as the Gemara. These courses are taught by Rabbi Binyomin Bitton, an expert Talmudic scholar, who masterfully presents the Talmud’s profound wisdom in a clear, easy to follow, and intellectually stimulating manner.
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